Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tues. March 31st average frank makes Nashville

My lord, it's been a long ride. Before I left Clarksville I met Mr. & Mrs. Miller, they lost a loved one as a result of the war on terrorism; his name is Ben Miller, MI. As promised he is part of average frank's memorial wall and until my last breath will go where I go. Wes and Keith at Artistic Ink took me in and worked their magic on my wall; they added Ben's name to a great memorial of American KIA. Thank you guys,(Wes & Keith).
When I got into Nashville my friend Chris(Fairfield, Mariott Joplin, MO. contacted Leo, Fairfield, Mariott, Nashville, TN. to hook average frank up with a decent place to lay his head), good deal you guys! Roy at Mariott in Nashville was awesome; he took great care of business for me and I am greatful!
The lord worked his magic Tues. through Gordon and Robbie at the Grand Ole Opry House. They made it possible for me to make a connection to Daryl Worlely. Daryl spent a copious amount of time with Diane and I. Daryl is an awesome patriot and shows much love for our troops; so does Becky Pine( military wife). I was so honored to be amongst such good folks. If we are listening closely we will hear the will of God and respond accordingly; there is iron in the will of the great I Am; it is he who commands our meeting through or according to our means, to facilitate a greater cause. Through Aaron & Thea Tippin, and Charlie Daniels, many things have been accomplished by an average dad who never in his humble life thought these things were possible a year or so ago; it can only be the will of Jesus and those who truely believe that these deeds are done; however, much work is needed.
In closing tonight, the Deans of Dallas have captured my heart and my profound commitment. More about that is forth-coming in a song.
Average Frank, humble servant!

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