Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fayetteville, NC., Home of Ft. Bragg Army Base

Hampton Inn & more good times. Angel is the Manager at this Hampton, and in a minute she had us in a room. I had stayed there in 08' with the Wounded Warrior Project group while we did the NC. Bike Challenge; I was with Diane then and a part of me missed her. It was also my brother Joey's B-Day; he passed away in Feb. of this year and it seemed I was destined to have him on my mind all day. He was one year older than me and left this world too soon. He was doing what he loved most in life so I believe that God must have really loved him; hope I get to go that way! Enough of that, it makes me want to cry!
Jw was exhausted and we could hardly get him to breath for about 36 hours. Jw has been damaged by 20 years of service to his country and has a hard time with it from time to time. He is a good man and I love him dearly; besides my son Ben, he is my greatest American Hero! I am so proud to call him Brother, let alone, friend! Sandy and I got an invite to go to church from a wonderful girl named Kimberly; we met her at the Hampton Inn. Her friend Crystal picked us up and it was off to church. I have to say, I don't believe that I have ever had a better day in church in my life; if you ain't sweating when you walk out of that church then you ain't doing it right. Those folks were so filled with the Holy Ghost that it just sort of rolled into the very depths of my soul. I left there happier than I had been in a long time; Thank you Jesus, Thank you Lord! Thank you girls; you were quite a blessing to Sandy & I!
Then we had a great meeting with the SF guys for a future fund raiser in a special place in North Carolina. The SF guys are the best this country has to offer and I wish one of them would run for President, I'd vote for them. They are the kind of guys that get shit done; they are the movers & shakers and have great integrity & grit; it was an honor to meet with them. I sure do look foward to hanging with these guys, hope they don't get me too liqured up for the ride.
Hawley's Bicycle Shop was next on the agenda. My bike was in desperate need of service and Mark really stepped up to get the job done. My chain was cracked, my gears were spent, and our lights were lost, but Mark handled it like a champ. We are always greatful when we meet folks like you all; it is you guys that amount to team averagefrank, thank you! The sign for the front of my bike was also donated by friends at Hawley's; the Riddler! Very Cool! We WILL see you guys again soon! God Is Good, Every Day! Donate something if you have a heart to!

Gatlinburg, Small City Of Fun & Wild Bill's Surplus

Gatlinburg in one of the most unique mountain towns you ever want to visit. The whole place is nesttled in the Beautiful Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. Gatlinburg is like a big carnival! They have upside down houses, haunted houses, play houses, and a host of rides one can ride; and the scenery is to die for. Aaron Tippin mentioned that I should go there in the past and I finally got to go. Boy, you were right Aaron, old averagefrank understands why you take your family there every year!
While we were there we met Wild Bill & his partner at Wild Bill's Army Surplus. Those guys rock! Wild Bill is former military and a great guy. We had a wonderful visit with him and before we knew it our arms were full of military gear. He was cordial and generous and gave his word on some donated military shwagg for our gig. You don't meet too many guys like Wild Bill, by God! I can't wait to see him again.
After a night in Gatlinburg we were ready to ride again. Coming out of Gatlinburg towards Fayetteville NC., we had to ride uphill for along way; it was a gradual incline and finally reached the top of the mountain. That took a half of a day! Then we hit the down hill run into North Carolina, oh my God! We must have been doing 45 miles per hour on those bikes; what a thrill. I don't think I've ever seen Sandy so happy to ride. She was so excited to get such a cool down hill run that she almost wipped out; she took her feet off the pedals, she looked like PeeWee Herman. I could tell it scared her but she survived the slopes of the Smokey Mountains to ride another day! God is with us all!

Nashville to Knoxville

18o miles of crapy weather! All day & all night solo riding to make a half decent schedule. I had to put Sandy with JW cause of the rain, as many know she is pregnant so I can't be too hard on her. I hit a powerful cold rain but the roads were good and I had plenty of shoulder. I rode a good long way on the interstate which, is illegal in TN., but made it to Knoxville without a hitch. That was a 24 hour staight run and I was dog dead tired. Leo called ahead and helped us with a room in which to sleep. Sandy & Jw got there early in the evening and waited for averagefrank. They took my gear so I didn't have to ride with much wait. I got there in the morning, ate, then took a 2-3 hour power nap and was ready to get pedaling again. I was excited to get to Gatlinburg so rode on!
I would like to take the oppertunity to remind evertbody about my Sponsers. Tony @ Texas Pride BBQ, & Hank @ Joe Harrison's Motor Sports. My web site guy is weeks behind so I haven't posted your advertisement yet, but it's a coming; web builders, what are we gonna do with these guys? Rest asure though, I am greatful to you guys for what you have done for me. Leo, Mr. Goerge, and the others at the Marriott must also be mentioned here, thank you folks!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Marriott & Bass Pro Shop

Leo O'Brian, manager at the Marriott at the Grand Ole Opry, you are an extra special man. We are so greatful to you! Leo hooked us up when we needed it most. We were fed and got well rested; thank you friend! Your phone calls up ahead of us also helped tremendously. And your staff, they too were great, especially Susan. It was an honor to hang with you all. I look foward to seeing you folks again real soon.
Then we went to Bass Pro Shop to get support for our ride & our upcoming auction. We met Scott & Shelly 1st. Scott is former Army and Shelly is a good hearted, cool chick. Scott personally hooked me up with a kick ass "real tree" shirt; I love it! Shelly is working on our little package and I can sense that she really wants to make it happen for us. I didn't get to meet Jerron but the folks who work with him say he's a good man. Devon, a sales clerk, was incredibly insightful on the pack. Money is tight but he helped me pick the very best pack for my needs, so I bought it. The next day we met Greg Cole, coolest Bass Pro manager around. He was cordial & honest, as well as generous. Thanks for your time Greg. Have Shelly call me when its time; I'm sure we'll be in touch with the great group you have there. Thank you all so much; we are sure the other stores will help out as well. It doesn't take alot to make a difference when we all give a little. One percent of Americans put it all on the line for the rest of us; that is why I do what I do. I have seen many lives made better by something as simple as a guy on a bicycle who is willing to let it all hang out for them. They understand the danger of cross country cycling and respond in the most gratifying way. I have learned the road to happiness thru love and charity from them; I am truely blessed and honored to ride for them.
Thought minus action equals zero! If folks wish to donate click the donate button on my blog, and God Bless Us All!

Yea, Nashville

We finally reached Nashville; Damn I love Nashville! The Grand Ole Opry & Craig Morgan was 1st on the list. Mack & Robie took care of our tickets and before we knew it we were backstage with Mr. Morgan. We talked Sportsmans Legacy Foundation business and then talked hunting. I promised an Arizona Couse Deer hunt for Craig next year & intend to make it happen. See ya soon Mr. Craig!
Next it was off to Aaron Tippin. I have have spent a copious amount of time with Aaron & his wonderful family. It was so good to see Thea & the boys again; them boys are growing like weeds! Aaron, you're the best! I love you man! It was good to hang out with Larry, Ricky, and the Nippit gang again; they reminded of the night I rolled out of the bunk on Aaron's tour bus; good times! We also met Willie Taylor, he's doing a walk about for our vets, accross America. Kimberly fed our hungry stomachs and we were of to the Marriott.
More to come!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Arkansas to Nashville

Well, next stop would be in Memphis. We rode our bicycles into Tennessee and stopped at Pro Bass Shop. We hope to get them to help our cause by making some donations for our ride or our auction. We talked to Scott and got the info we need to make it happen. Courtney is the gal we need to contact to make it happen. The store was very busy but Scott was gracious enough to take pictures with us and we spent some time browsing and talking to folks. We also got our pictures taken with a wonderful Santa Clause; we shared a touching story with him and were off on our merry way.
We have a lot of ground to cover still and can't wait to reach Nashville! When you are on the road the way we are it is hard to make daily posts, so sometimes we have to make several posts in one setting, according to time we can get at a business center along the way. I used to carry a laptop but Sandy accidently crashed on her bike and broke it; OOPS! Anybody out there have an extra one? Doug was supposed to get us one, but no dice yet!

Texas Pride & Joe Harrison's Motor Sports

It is extremely important to note that the next leg of our journey for the troops was sponsored by Tony at Texas Pride BBQ & Hank at Joe Harrison's Motor Sports. I know both of these gentlemen well, as we have worked together in the past to benefit our war wounded. I can't say enough to praise or thank these two guys. They have been Johnny on the spot for me on many occasions. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU GUYS. See you all soon!

Sincerely, averagefrank & sidekick Sandy

Dinner With JW & Homer

From San Antonio we loaded up our gear & bicycles on JW"s car. Since Sandy & I had already rode into Arkansas we decided to drive to where we had turned around to meet JW; like General Patton, I don't see any point in paying for the same realestate twice, so we rode with JW to meet up with his Pop, (Homer) in Little Rock. I finally got to meet Homer! Homer is, as I said, JW's dad, but he is also My long time great friend Adam's step dad. He is a WWII veteran and I've heard alot about him. It was an honor to meet him as we had dinner with him. It was good for JW & Homer to see each other; one could easily see the repect and admiration they have for one another. I wish my family had that!
Sandy & I presented him with military service pins and JW gave his Pop some B-Day presents. Good times!

Veterans Day at an Elementary School

Kaylee, a 1st grader, invited JW, Sandy, & I to a Veterans Day celebration at her school. It was a heart felt day as there were a 100 veteran parents there. The kids made posters for our troops to hang in the hallways and had a parade for the Vets. All the children lined the pareade route to touch the hands with their American Heroes. As we walked and touched their little American hands, I saw a tear of joy in JW's eye, and it hit me!,,, these beautiful little children are the biggest reason why our troops risk their lives the way they do. You should of seen it. I've seen some wonderful things & have met some amazing people along the way, but none as SPECIAL as Kaylee & the kids at that Veterans Day Parade. Thanks to all of our children & our Veterans for reminding me once again, why I ride.
I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free, and I won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me, and I'd gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today!

Austin, Fredricksburg, Uvalde, and Half way to Corpus

We call it the Texas Chalenge. After arriving & resting in San Antonio we set out to conquer Texas on our bicycles. We rode from San Antonio to Austin. We got to Austin at night and were amazed with the beauty of the Downtown sky-line of Austin. The lights of the buidings were a real treat. If you've never seen the lights of Austin you're missing out on a wonderful city view. We slept in our tent that night and slept well; we were tired! 60 miles is a long haul.
Next we pushed on to Fredricksburg thru the scenic hill country. Wow, I love the outdoors and the hill country of Texas is some of the finest in the land. We got invited to stay at the bed&breakfast in Fredrickburg by Mark Brooks, (stuntman extradinaire), thanks Mark. The riding around Fredricksburg is tough though; they don't call it the hill country for nothing. Up & down all day long for two full days was difficult but well worth it; it is beautiful, lots of deer & wild game. I've never been there so it was as much of a treat for me as it was for Sandy. Another 70 miles of kick ass Texas highways.
After leaving Fredricksburg we headed southwest to Uvalde. Uvalde is on the edge of the Big Bend area of west Texas. I had ridden through this part of Texas before and enjoyed the desert side of Texas, after all, I am a desert rat at heart and most at home there. I wanted Sandy to see as much of the Big Bend as possible. She's doing well; I am so proud of her. I know it is not easy for her but she keeps on trucking. Chaulk up 100 more miles of the Texas challenge!
Next we thought we would head down to the ocean in Corpus Christy. We got part way there when my Green Beret friend JW decided to drive to San Antonio to pilot Sandy and I the rest of the way to DC. We had to change gears and figured we would just start riding toward him and meet somewhere in the middle. Sandy and I headed northeast from San Antonio and made the Arkansas border up toward Little Rock when we realized we had a MIS-Q. It turned out JW took the southern route to Texas. JW has been wounded through 20 years of service to his country and is a little slow in his travels, but next to my son Ben, U.S. Navy, he is my greatest American hero. We were off track now and had to turn around. We rode hard back to San Antonio and caught up with JW there. It was good to see my friend again and we started to map out our journey to Washington DC.
If you would like to donate click the donate button on my blog!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Alamo City Christian Fellowship & Friends

Thanks for the fellowship and the assistance folks; it was a breath of fresh air to study with you all. Can't wait to do it again! lots of love, in Jesus' name.
Thanks to our friends at CVS Pharmacy in Universal City.
Thanks to the cool cats at Scorpion Tattoo; you are officially part of the wall!
Thanks to our friends at the mechanic shop; the cup holder is doing well, pet King for Sandy; she is such an animal lover!

Friends, Frank, and the News

Good morning, once again I am having some trouble sleeping, oh well! The other day we met Val & JoJo. We love you gals. Thanks for dinner & all, how about those folks at the M?, at least they took care of it before Val blew a gasket, smile-lol! Friends for life!
Dinner & the ride on the Fire Engine was very cool; thanks Fire Station #7, the shirts & hat rock guys; we are honored to sport them! Seargent Vance & company hooked us up with some soldier shwag as well, oorah!
Pulled into the Clarion, thanks for the rest Rashan & Dipesh, you too gave us a place to chill out. Then KENS5 caught up with us and aired our mission for the troops. We fell asleep when it aired and Alexis, bless her heart, and Aaliyah Nicole, helped so we could see it, you all know how much I like to see myself on the TV. lol Let us not forget Calamity Jane, she was johnny on the spot too, and she was packing lead! lol
My sidekick dropped my laptop but Doug said he might be able to help with that, & some road tools; come on Doug! We are eating well though; Sandy eats like a horse; it's like she's eating for two!
Happy B-Day Roland, looks like a party is in order. Sorry to hear about your Pop; he was a cool cat.
Time is at hand to continue to push on as we look to meet up with JW. Miss my kids some, especially Tyler, Nick, & Lish; love you so much! Hope all is well with Ben & Stephen too. I'm okay guys, so don't worry too much, smile! lol here today, gone tomorrow; life is short so live & love I owe John a little $ and hope to get him some soon, thanks buddy!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Too Much Is Never Enough

Well, here we go again! It's been a while but I'm back at it. My brother Joe past away this year and I've had some changes in my life, but I'm glad to say that I'm back on the road for our troops. Another long bicycle ride is just what I need to clear the cob webs!
Left Tucson a couple of weeks ago with my sidekick Sandy to once again ride accross country for our wounded warriors; feels good! stayed a few days with Mike Neal & the gang; it was great to see some old friends, hi Kaylee! Took some kids horse-back riding with Britney!, thanks Uncle Bob. Kaylee & I got bucked off of my trusty stead Buck; the horse I rode from Corpus Christy to San Antonio; my fault, it took weeks to get the stickers out of my back!
Went to see my wonderful friends at Texas Pride; I sure have missed them!, and the delicious food; Tony, Joni, Ray & Cassie, you're the best!
Got a bike and some gear stolen at the Riverwalk but no worries, JJ, our man in uniform, and the good girls at the Thrift store ( Lynne & Angela ), took great care of things, Howard at Action Bicycles took care of the rest, YOU GUYS ROCK! Thank you ever so much!
Spent some quality time at the VFW! Raul & Family, I am so sorry for your loss; we will be dedicating a good part of our ride in memory of Mathew Mendoza; my heart bleeds for the families of fallen heroes, my gratitude is profound. Also got to hang with my Firefighter friends & a few heart warming Vietnam Vets; some tears, yes, but they were shed in great pride, thanks for your service guys, and as we said, WELCOME HOME!
To the folks at the Hawthorn & the Marriott, thank you, thank you, thank you; can't wait to see you again!!!
Finally, we have spent a copious amount of time with wounded troops. It is you and your sacrifices that inspire us to carry on, We love you as we love our own sons & daughters. You are the sons & daughters of our Nation who step up to ensure certain liberties are granted to the rest of us; we owe you big, so we ride for you!!!!!!!! Thank you from the very bottom of our American hearts.
Computer time is tough to come by but hope to keep updated on my post. If you would like to donate go to my web and click on the Alamo Banquet tool bar, it will lead you from there.
My new side-kick Sandy is nothing short of AMAZING; sure do love ya Cubby!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Averagefrank & sidekick Nicholes start the biathlon.

4/14/10 Averagefrank here. Well, I started
my biathlon. We got started a little late. We
road into the night and made it to Piccacho
Peak. The night riding was beautiful and it was
nice & cool. It was an amazing change to
have Nick ride with me. Wish Tyler was
with us.
For my brother Joe, this ones for you!!!
It is an honor to get back on the bike and
ride for our troops again.
Thanks to all my friends in Tucson, for
responding to my effort. A very special
thanks to Nick for riding with me.
Thought, Mentors, Action = O

Nick's Post: Day one has been amazing. I have
never done anything like this before. It's
been just great! I am glad to be a part of
what Frank does. He's my best friend!
This has been the best experience of my
life.I want to send my love to Uncle Joe
and Kris Wolfe.
The hardest part has been
sitting in the seat and the sun.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

He's getting back on the bike & running too!

Hello folks and friends, averagefrank here, how is everybody? Well, I'm doing it again; I'm getting back on my legendary bicycle and riding to Phoenix. When I reach Phoenix I will get off the bike and run in the Pat Tillman Foundations' Annual 4.2 K Run. I will be taking pledges to raise money for both the Sportsmens Legacy Foundation and do my part in the Pat Tillman Foundation; It's all about the kids and our service families. I think it's important to give a little more than you get. It's not a perfect world, but we do what we can. The Ride is sponsered and supported by: Dan's Toy Shop & European Auto Tech! The Run is supported by Lucky Wishbone & Best Mattress

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ending The Austin,TX. to Nashville Challenge

The first thing I want to say is, " there's no place like home". I love AZ. and my friends and family there, but I found myself yearning to get back to Texas; my new home! I missed my friends at the Hawthorn; Mike, Samantha, Brandon, Patty, Maria, Phil, and the rest; you guys rock and I have been made to feel at home here. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!
I missed my friends at Texas Pride BBQ. I missed my friends at Live Oak Fire Dept. I missed my friends at South-Paw Tattoo, and Wes at the Outback Steakhouse; I'm glad to be home.
If you have following my blog you'll know that this was a difficult ride. The weather was tough on this old bird, yet I can't wait to ride again, soon! It is what I can do; if I had my choice I would be next to my son in a fox hole in Iraq. Maybe it's my ADHD (smile)!
The road was rugged but I like to believe My work had an impact on a few Americans along the way; I noticed I'm not getting any less grey hair, what's up with that?
I got a call from Darryl Woreley this week, We met him in Nashville, it was awesome for him to call me; I believe it is good news but I can't spill the beans just yet. Darryl is one of those guys who looks you in the eye, says what he means, and means what he says; some folks appreciate that, some don't; I do! Thanks Darryl, I look foward to seeing you again real soon.
To the guys at the Sportsmens Legacy Foundation, It was my honor to put forth such an effort for your cause, our cause, our wounded, killed, and their children. What's next; I'm ready to go, yesterday!, quit fooling around! (smile)! I also got to briefly meet Forrest Griffin, UFC, at the fights in Nashville, TN.
Next Mission, Average Frank's Texas Bike Challenge. 800 miles of Texas; ready, set, go!
Billy Ray Cyrus in May, Kenny Chesney soon, and more to come. Welcome all, to the dream that is "Average Frank", it is not me, but all of us-- hence the name, "Average Frank Rides"!

I Pledge Allegiance To The Flag Of The United States Of America; To The Republic For Which It Stands, One Nation Under God; Indivisable, With Liberty And Justice For All

PWWE=Pray It--Will It--Want It--Earn It=PWWE

Refresh, Reflect To Tucson. Friends & Family

Just real quick, I want to salute my friends and family in Tucson, AZ. From the very conception of the idea of "averagefrank", they have been my rock! None of this would have been possible without these patriots; they believe in what I believe and I am honored!

Sean & the Furriers, John Ranney, Judy Foutz, Joe & gang @ AZ. Glass. Frank & Tracy, Dan & Angela, Eric & Jonath, Craig @ Holiday, Mo @ Undisputed, and John @ Ft. lowell auto.
Tyler, Alysia, Ben, Stephen, Jonathan, Courtney, Cameryn, Mom, Sisters, Brothers, And Pop. Nieces and nephews too!
Thanks for believing in me!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wed. April 1st 2009, Still in Nashville, TN

Started the day visiting some friends at Audio Productions. Lindsay guided me in and Christian and friends welcomed me once again. I first met them with Aaron Tippin in Sept. 08. I really enjoy their company and they are such good people; they got me the Tim McGraw autographed childrens book for my last auction, very cool, thank you guys for being so good to me; it means so much!
While there ABC news came through again. Al did the interview and it went well. Bart set that up and Heather did the follow up on the story and went out of her way to foward me the links. ABC news has been johnny on the spot with getting the word out and I am greatful to them, all of them, for helping with that. Thanks ABC!
Then it was off to Bass Pro Shop in Nashville where I did a little photo opp with Galina Dearmin (apperal manager) realy nice person; fun to talk to for sure and look foward to talking with her again someday; maybe with a group of our SLF kids!
Then it was off to the UFC fights at the Sommet in downtown Nashville. I met Forrest Griffin and was able to get a photo of him and hand him some info for Joe Rogan or Dana White. It would be really neat to get them familiar with the SLF or get them to sponser me a bit; I am a huge fan. Thanks Forrest!
I also met Marty Stuawart at the waffle house. I took a picture with him and passed on a ittle info of my mission. He was eating and I didn't want to be rude while he ate but he was very gracious.

Daryl Woreley,Becky, and The Grand Ole Opry

Tues. evening we got over to the Opry House; I was trying to get a meeting with Mr. Daryl Worley. He is a big supporter of our troops from the country music world. I met Mr. Robbie and Gordon there. Robbie does security there and Gordon is the Opry House manager. It turns out that Gordon is from a long line of military service; Grandpa, Pop, and Brothers all served America during war time. It was quite an honor to meet him; he, without hesitation, did what he could to get that meeting for me. Thanks Gordon & Robbie!
While at the show I met veteran Mark Raley (U.S. Navy, Vietnam Era). We talked and shared a moment; I welcomed him home with open arms and it was a beautiful thing. It seems our Vienam Vets are some of our most patriotic vets and I'd like to welcome all of them home. To this day they still don't get the props they deserve; they too have served our nation and have my un-dying gratitude. Thanks Mark and thanks to your wife as well; it meant alot to me to meet you and to recieve an email from you!
Leo at the Fairfield Marriott gave me a great deal on a room in Nashville; he got a call from my friend Chris at the Marriott in Springfield, MO. and the good deed was done. Thank you guys for looking after old average frank!
Which brings me to Daryl Worley and Becky Pine. Daryl is one of the most amazing little fellers(smile) I've met. He welcomed Diane and I and spent a copious amount of time with us back-stage. I really like Daryl as a person; he is very genuine. I certainly look foward to hangin with him again Becky was awesome too; I hope to talk to her soon. Thanks for your time Mr. Daryl and Becky. I wish your man well also Becky; you know what I mean!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tues. March 31st average frank makes Nashville

My lord, it's been a long ride. Before I left Clarksville I met Mr. & Mrs. Miller, they lost a loved one as a result of the war on terrorism; his name is Ben Miller, MI. As promised he is part of average frank's memorial wall and until my last breath will go where I go. Wes and Keith at Artistic Ink took me in and worked their magic on my wall; they added Ben's name to a great memorial of American KIA. Thank you guys,(Wes & Keith).
When I got into Nashville my friend Chris(Fairfield, Mariott Joplin, MO. contacted Leo, Fairfield, Mariott, Nashville, TN. to hook average frank up with a decent place to lay his head), good deal you guys! Roy at Mariott in Nashville was awesome; he took great care of business for me and I am greatful!
The lord worked his magic Tues. through Gordon and Robbie at the Grand Ole Opry House. They made it possible for me to make a connection to Daryl Worlely. Daryl spent a copious amount of time with Diane and I. Daryl is an awesome patriot and shows much love for our troops; so does Becky Pine( military wife). I was so honored to be amongst such good folks. If we are listening closely we will hear the will of God and respond accordingly; there is iron in the will of the great I Am; it is he who commands our meeting through or according to our means, to facilitate a greater cause. Through Aaron & Thea Tippin, and Charlie Daniels, many things have been accomplished by an average dad who never in his humble life thought these things were possible a year or so ago; it can only be the will of Jesus and those who truely believe that these deeds are done; however, much work is needed.
In closing tonight, the Deans of Dallas have captured my heart and my profound commitment. More about that is forth-coming in a song.
Average Frank, humble servant!

Days 13,14,and 15 Riding Hard Through Turmoil

The next few days can be summed up as ridiculous. As I make my way accross the eastern half of Missouri the weather has been brutal. The rain, snow, side-ways wind, and the mud and muck has put the hurt on old average frank. One night the wind came in at about 50 miles an hour; it shook the crap out of my tent and tore a couple small holes in it. I was lucky to get through that night in one piece. This sort of weather is FUBAR and makes it awefully tough on this old man, (sure do love you Ben, and troops);or maybe I have a screw loose (smile).
The sun finally came out on Sunday and Monday which gave me the chance to really step it up a knotch toward my destination, i.e. Nashville, TN. I got through the few miles of Illinios,through Paduca, KY. and into Clarksville, TN. Yea, I made it to Tennessee, I am so stoked to be in the great state of TN. Since I first met Aaron Tippin in TN. I have fallen in love with the state and people on TN. On Tuesday I will ride my happy butt into Nashville. I chose to finish in Nashville because you would be hard pressed to find better support for for our troops any where else. TN,TX,NC,KY,and SC are great American states (keep in mind I have not been to all 50 states yet), but I have been impressed by the folks in the South, including AZ.
My goal in Nashville is to meet and encourage the Country western singers to help in some way to support the Sportsmens Legacy Foundation of which I am the Ambassador of Good Will; the country folks are the grass-root people who love and support,with great pride, our country and the men and women who defend her; I am also one of those patiots; I rode my bicycle to Nashville to to earn the right to ask for your support. Thank God for Tennessee and thank you to Tennessee. Average Frank

PWWE=Pray It-Will It-Want It-Earn It-PWWE

Day 12 Out Of Springfield

. Great weather and felt awesome. Good to be pedaling toward Nashville again. Knocked out about 68 miles before meeting John at McDonalds. He had a lap-top and let me check my email. I had missed a call from my son Ben, in Iraq earlier (bummer), I hate missing my rare phone calls from him but he left me an email. He said he was good and all was well! I must thank John for the computer time. I rode another 12 miles to Subway for food and drink. I had some issues withmy bank account that crippled my progress. I had to call my new friend and Bro Kyle Hicks. What a cool guy he turned out to be. We have so much in common! Kyle is an avid outdoorsman with some great kills (white-tailed deer).I look foward to working and hunting on his farm in MO. Thanks to Kyle and family I was well taken care of, and fed, good stuff!
I also met John Walker at Subway, I enjoyed talking with him. The folks at Subway allowed me to charge my phone which was nice of them.