Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Planes, trains and automobiles, but mostly bikes

Hello to all of Average Frank’s supporters. I have spent about 75 days in the last 11 or 12 months alone in a tent or riding my bicycle down that long road into the heart of America and I thank the Lord for putting me there!

There have been many hardships and experiences along the way. Because of you America, I have embraced this mission and its tribulation with great honor. I used to report funny things along the way and it was good!!!

As many know, I recently wrapped up another very long bike ride across, or into the great country of ours. This latest ride had, once again, a profound impact on me and the way I see the world; I am ever changing, and am always a work in progress.

This part of my blog is not about where I rode, to or form, nor is it about how many miles I’ve gone in my beloved son’s name and in the name of our courageous Wounded Warriors, because all know that I am committed to both!

This epic adventure has become about you, all whom I have met, all of whom my story and words have touched, all those who have stepped up to help me reach out to America, all those who have touched my heart in such a magnificent way, and last but not least, to those who have given in some way to show your support of our nations Freedom Fighters.

Some folks may call me Average Frank, but I’m just a guy on the bike! The amazing truth is that we are all an idea, a passion, and a calling named average Frank. I am the voice of that graciousness. I go forth as your voice, the voice of the average American, to shout from the roof tops to our soldiers, past and present that we care, we are proud of you, and we support you! You do serve a grateful nation. I hope I have served you all well!

That being said, I chose to start talking about you all and what you all mean to me, the guy on the bike. As I speak of you on occasion, it will be through tear filled eyes, ‘cause as tough as I am I still gets a little emotional about “this country of mine”.

They are not tears of pain or sorrow, or of anger, however, they are tears of exceedingly, great joy and pride in all of us who proudly say, “I am an American.”, and do something good for her! God bless the U.S.A.

It will take some time to get to all of you, but I will!

The only place I can start is with my Go Frank friends and family in Tucson, AZ. Dianne, Stephen, Alysia, Tyler, thanks for putting up with me for so long.

Ben: my sailor son and greatest inspiration. The way you have lived your life has, in many ways, saved mine. I thank you for that and I hope you know how much you mean to me.

Sean Furrier: Here is a man who owns a special place in my heart. From day one, this man truly believed in me and took a chance on me when I first said that I would ride across the nation at 45 years of age, to serve our wounded. He never once wavered in this belief in me. I know I have asked a lot of him and his family, yet he has never let me down. That also holds true to Rick and Jack Furrier. It was that support and tender mercies that has helped me reach for the stars. Without which none of this would be possible. These guys take no credit for their actions on my behalf because they are to humble and have taught me the meaning of humility and charity. Because of them, I know the road to happiness through love and charity! That is the gift they gave me, Thank you!

John Ranney: I would be hard pressed to find a better or more loyal and committed friend than him! There is nothing this man would not do for me, nor I for him. This is a guy who has worked hard all his life and has great pride in his country. We share minds in many ways! He is an ardent patriot and has taught what it means to be proud of what I have accomplished and to never take a back seat to anybody. Thanks John.

Jennifer Campbell & Judy Foutz: I am blessed to have my girls. They are the tender hearted ones who have taught me that it is okay for a man to cry, just not everyday! You love all the world and all its creatures. Your hearts are good; I am honored to know you.

To the rest of my Tucson team: My hat is off to you guys, who keep putting up with me, every time I walk in your doors. I know I’m a royal pain in the butt and have asked a lot of you all as well. You guys always understand the fact that I ask not for myself, but for what and who I believe in. Thanks for always being there for me!
Guys @AZ Complete Auto Glass
Dan & Angela @ Dan’s Toy Shop
Vince & Ann @ Mario’s Pizza
Eric & Jonath @ Myrmo’s
Tracy & Frank @ Big D’s
The Gang @ Alpha Graphics - Jesse & Keith
John Armstrong @ Tucson Automotive
Everybody @ Jack Furrier’s Western Tire
Mike @ Alltel
Brian @ Len’s Auto
Roger Battles
Mark @ musselman’s Honda
Fred @ Best Mattress
Sam @ Kelly’s Coffee
Dwayne @ bargain Basement Bikes
The Folks @ McGuire’s Jewelers