Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Up From Vinita, OK. to Miami, OK day 5

. I got a late start out of Vinita because my lap top didn't take a charge; it seems the plug at the motel was no good. Rode a pretty tough head wind late in the day. I'm a little sore today. Got into Miami, ate, then went to radio shack to check my lap-top battery. While there I met Adam, he works there, they let me plug in for a while. Adam told me about someone he cared about that was lost in war; his name will become part of my memorial wall. Thanks Adam from radio shack!
Then I went down to the church that Adam sent me to for some more power and I met Pastor Gary, who welcomed me openly. It turns out that Gary is a Purple Heart from Vietnam; Welcome home my friend. It was an honor to meet you Sir! Being a Christian, Gary gave me power, a shower, and a great prayer. He told me I could camp-out next to the church, then he ran a power cord out of the front door of the chuch in case I needed power during the night. Thank you brother!
Outside the church I met A couple Police Officers; Americas' finest, I assure you! David Dean was a Marine and did time in the sandbox. He lost a friend or two there; he gave me the name of one of those mates for my memorial wall. The names will be revealed very soon. IT was so good to meet you guys; you just never know where you're gonna meet your next good friend. I ride for all you guys!
One of the best elements that keeps me motivated to stay the course and embrace the hardship is the fact that I get to meet Americans like the ones I met today; it was a great day to ride. Tomorrow I will ride in honor of Adam and David's fallen brother. Thanks for sharing!

PWWE= Pray It-Will It-Want It-Earn It=PWWE

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