Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Days 13,14,and 15 Riding Hard Through Turmoil

The next few days can be summed up as ridiculous. As I make my way accross the eastern half of Missouri the weather has been brutal. The rain, snow, side-ways wind, and the mud and muck has put the hurt on old average frank. One night the wind came in at about 50 miles an hour; it shook the crap out of my tent and tore a couple small holes in it. I was lucky to get through that night in one piece. This sort of weather is FUBAR and makes it awefully tough on this old man, (sure do love you Ben, and troops);or maybe I have a screw loose (smile).
The sun finally came out on Sunday and Monday which gave me the chance to really step it up a knotch toward my destination, i.e. Nashville, TN. I got through the few miles of Illinios,through Paduca, KY. and into Clarksville, TN. Yea, I made it to Tennessee, I am so stoked to be in the great state of TN. Since I first met Aaron Tippin in TN. I have fallen in love with the state and people on TN. On Tuesday I will ride my happy butt into Nashville. I chose to finish in Nashville because you would be hard pressed to find better support for for our troops any where else. TN,TX,NC,KY,and SC are great American states (keep in mind I have not been to all 50 states yet), but I have been impressed by the folks in the South, including AZ.
My goal in Nashville is to meet and encourage the Country western singers to help in some way to support the Sportsmens Legacy Foundation of which I am the Ambassador of Good Will; the country folks are the grass-root people who love and support,with great pride, our country and the men and women who defend her; I am also one of those patiots; I rode my bicycle to Nashville to to earn the right to ask for your support. Thank God for Tennessee and thank you to Tennessee. Average Frank

PWWE=Pray It-Will It-Want It-Earn It-PWWE

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