Monday, March 16, 2009

I Finally Meet the Deans of Dallas

I met Both Deans and family on Sat. the 14th at Gloria's Resturaunt. We all sat down for a great dinner; Diane and Loudog were with me. It was awesome to meet the Deans; I really think we have something here. We must really be blessed! They are all I hoped for and are strong Christians.
The Deans' booked Diane and I a room at the Westin Resort Hotel in Frisco,TX. What a wonderful place, but it ain't me, it ain't Payne,(kidding), it is such a luxurious hotel and customer service was too much. We met Jeff Jones and his girl Heather there and really enjoyed their company. The next day I thanked the Deans' and then asked them," once you get into a Westin bed, how do you get out"?, the bed was so comfortable. Thanks you guys!

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