Thursday, April 2, 2009

Daryl Woreley,Becky, and The Grand Ole Opry

Tues. evening we got over to the Opry House; I was trying to get a meeting with Mr. Daryl Worley. He is a big supporter of our troops from the country music world. I met Mr. Robbie and Gordon there. Robbie does security there and Gordon is the Opry House manager. It turns out that Gordon is from a long line of military service; Grandpa, Pop, and Brothers all served America during war time. It was quite an honor to meet him; he, without hesitation, did what he could to get that meeting for me. Thanks Gordon & Robbie!
While at the show I met veteran Mark Raley (U.S. Navy, Vietnam Era). We talked and shared a moment; I welcomed him home with open arms and it was a beautiful thing. It seems our Vienam Vets are some of our most patriotic vets and I'd like to welcome all of them home. To this day they still don't get the props they deserve; they too have served our nation and have my un-dying gratitude. Thanks Mark and thanks to your wife as well; it meant alot to me to meet you and to recieve an email from you!
Leo at the Fairfield Marriott gave me a great deal on a room in Nashville; he got a call from my friend Chris at the Marriott in Springfield, MO. and the good deed was done. Thank you guys for looking after old average frank!
Which brings me to Daryl Worley and Becky Pine. Daryl is one of the most amazing little fellers(smile) I've met. He welcomed Diane and I and spent a copious amount of time with us back-stage. I really like Daryl as a person; he is very genuine. I certainly look foward to hangin with him again Becky was awesome too; I hope to talk to her soon. Thanks for your time Mr. Daryl and Becky. I wish your man well also Becky; you know what I mean!

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