Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 7 Long Uphills & Heavy Winds to Joplin, MO.

After eating breakfest I got on the road to Joplin. I suffered some, and made really bad time but I kept with it. I had a very long uphill battle into a constant 20 mile an hour wind. A 20 mph wind may not seem like much, but try it in the cold, on a bike, loaded with 55 lbs. of gear; very tough work. I got into joplin,MO., Wished I was not so overworked from the difficult elements of a long road trip because joplin was a little hard on me at first. I almost got ran over by some cat that saw me but turned in front of me anyways; not a very nice guy; say a prayer for him! The Police didn't do too much to help but that's life. All we can do is say a prayer for people like that and then push foward so as to put people like that behind us. Maybe I looked like a bum to those cats but you should of seen the bird-brain who tried to run me over then pulled a shovel on me and threatened my life with it. Since I started riding my bike I have been robbed, run over, weathered, shot gunned, and insulted by law dogs; yet I ride in my sons name while he is at war defending the freedoms of a great nation, including the ones that are not so nice. It is a bit troubling but the jerks I have encountered along the way have only made me stronger and more resolve, I guess I should say thanks!
Ben, I hope all is well with you and I sure do love ya and miss ya! God is with us all--
PWWE=Pray It- Will It- Want It-Earn It=PWWE

I took a wrong road that lead me about 12 miles of course on day 7 and had to back track; 24 miles for nothing, in a sense!
Really bad weather with up to 3 inches of rain is about 20 hours behind me today but headed my way; my luck it'll be a rough couple days, joyful, joyful!

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