Monday, March 9, 2009

Clay Walker and Candace Todd

I met Candace in Sept. 08, with Aaron Tippin at the Texas Pride BBQ. She had just lost her father in Afghanistan; one month to the day of our meeting. Big loss! I understand her pop was quite a soldier; my heart goes out to her family; she would be a good mentor for some of our younger kids of fallen heroes. Diane and I were able to take her to a comp Clay Walker show, courtesy of Cowboys Dance Hall in San Antonio, TX. Clay didn't make the meet and greet but we had a good time; nice to hang out with a cool kid like Candace. Thanks to Larry, Danny, and Sean at Cowboys Dance Hall, you guys have been awesome from day one and we sure appreciate you all and encourage folks to check out a show there. Also thanks to Randy Carrol at KJ97 for greeting our wounded troops at the shows.
David Todd is Candace's dads name and we honor his sacrifice!

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