Saturday, November 8, 2008

Friday, November 7, 2008

Fate & Music

Rowdy Johnson – My friend Rowdy. Our meeting was a page out of God’s book. We were, by design, destined to meet although our kindred spirits have known each other form the foundation of life.

For all those who know Rowdy, you all know his love for country music, his patriotism, and his knack for doing it his way! The day I met Rowdy, I also met Charlie Daniels. I met Rowdy in a huge parking lot with thousands of people in it. I heard some cool music that pulled me toward it. I ask the guy, “Who is that?” The guy said it was me, Rowdy Johnson! I was looking for someone to do the live music at my August 3rd auction for America’s wounded. It took Rowdy about two minutes to sign up for that endeavor. I told him it would have to be on a volunteer basis, cause I could not afford to pay him. He is an established musician but he did not bat an eye and said he’d be there! Since then he and I have become brothers. As he puts it, “I would follow Frank to hell and back.” I know he means it! We co-wrote “This Country of Mine”, which is now our theme song. We dedicate that song to our military. Rowdy has now become active in my mission as a civilian to serve our troops. I hope he know how much he means to me, because I would follow him to equal lengths. Rowdy is my friend and I believe in him as he believes in me!

God bless our soldiers everyone, they don’t back down and they don’t run!

Thanks Rowdy

The Colorado Connection

Adam Krueger – My friend, mentor, and brother. Here is a man that would drop all that he is doing to be there for me as well as Average Frank. For many years this man has been a treasured friend. At times we have gone years without seeing each other and yet we have not missed a beat. I am truly blessed to call him friend. He is a great patriot who stands up for what he believes and is the rock for those who can not stand on their own – the under dog! He believes in me and was 100% confident that I could ride a bicycle on a multi-thousand mile trek across America. He comes from a military family who has sacrificed much for their country. On many occasions I have missed him dearly; I miss him now! I am so proud to call him friend. He has taught me patience and loyalty. I am grateful to him.

Dallas Ink

c/o Sean E Bones – This is a short tribute to those artists across America who have stepped up to create a Memorial wall to our fallen heroes and P.O.W.’s and M.I.A.’s. This wall is all of ours, which is what I desired; a wall for Americans, by Americans, to Americans, all of you that have contributed, honor our fallen heroes. You are all great patriots. Soon a list of all of you will be added to my blog. You all deserve special mention. The wall has really grown and I am honored to wear it. To the families who have laid such a costly price upon the alter of freedom, We Salute You!

Jacksonville, FL and the Sacrifice Center

My time there was humbling and I an, as a patriot and father of one who has served over seas, proud that someone has created a tribute to our injured troops. For me personally, Dana and Sam, will hold a special place in my heart. They are employees there! Dana is one of the warmest and kindest hearts I know. She picked me up on the out skirts of Jacksonville when I was at the end of the most painful and difficult endeavors of my life. She is a shining star in a sometimes dark world. I will always be a friend to her. Stay gold my good sister!

Georgia Peaches, South Carolina Acquaintances

Mother and daughter who touched my heart in a matter of minutes. They took the time to stop on the side of the street to hear my story. We became instant buddies. Thanks for letting me into your hearts to new ideas and experiences. You were a blessing on a long lonely adventure. Your kind and generous spirits warm me. Keep an open mind and heart, adventure and love can be just around the corner, remember that!

North Carolina Ink

Boot & Bob – This was a chance meeting by the grace of God. I had been given a name in South Carolina of a soldier that had been killed in Iraq. His name is Christopher Cash. I was told then that he was a great soldier. I didn’t know then how good; I was soon to learn that a hundred or two miles up the road. That part of the story is forth coming. Keep your eyes open Mike in Elizabethtown, NC. This entry is to about Boot and Bob at Fantasy Tattoo Shop. This is not about the shop so much as it is about a great American. Boot, you have touched my life every bit as much as I have touched yours. You and Bob are some of the people I set out on my bike to meet; I have not been disappointed! You do me proud as do our sons. May your boy wear the protection of our Lord, as does mine. May his full battle regalia be a force of good and all that is the America Freedom Fighter. May he be kept safe by the hand of the almighty while serving all of us. May we be brothers from this day forth. I love you, Bro. We honor one another thru our sons.

Thank you, Boot
Thank you, Bob.