Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 9 Hold up at the Marriot

Day 8 is un-eventful due to the rainy weather, 3 to 5 inches still forecasted for the area.I would love to get out and ride because being couped up is hard on my ADHD(smile)! Springfield is looming but somewhat illusive; but I'll get there or my name ain't average frank. Today I will get caught up on paperwork
Rain or shine I'll head out Sunday morning and ride the best that I can.
I want to encourage folks to donate your pennies to the Sportsmens Legacy Foundation, these miles are very tough so please help make them count. I also encourage people I meet to comment on my blog; it would be nice to hear some fair and balanced input from you all.
I waited for fox news yesterday but no call; I guess they were short on reporters, maybe next time!
At the Marriot is Rhonda, she works there and is swiftly becoming a friend. She has a good heart and has been willing to help average frank where she can. She drove me to walmart to get some rain pants. It is, as I have said, people like her that help fuel my positive attitude when days are tough. She is among many who have made me feel that my efforts are valuable. I wish to thank you Rhonda, thank, thank you Rhonda; isn't there a song like that(smile)!

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