Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 12 Out Of Springfield

. Great weather and felt awesome. Good to be pedaling toward Nashville again. Knocked out about 68 miles before meeting John at McDonalds. He had a lap-top and let me check my email. I had missed a call from my son Ben, in Iraq earlier (bummer), I hate missing my rare phone calls from him but he left me an email. He said he was good and all was well! I must thank John for the computer time. I rode another 12 miles to Subway for food and drink. I had some issues withmy bank account that crippled my progress. I had to call my new friend and Bro Kyle Hicks. What a cool guy he turned out to be. We have so much in common! Kyle is an avid outdoorsman with some great kills (white-tailed deer).I look foward to working and hunting on his farm in MO. Thanks to Kyle and family I was well taken care of, and fed, good stuff!
I also met John Walker at Subway, I enjoyed talking with him. The folks at Subway allowed me to charge my phone which was nice of them.

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