Wednesday, March 11, 2009

1st miles and the Legacy

Today I put in my 1st miles for the Sportsmens Legacy Foundation and my new friends Dean Castillo jr. and Dean sr. I am officially the "Ambassador of Good Will" for the Legacy, a non- profit organization dedicated to the children of fallen servicemen and women including Fire Fighters, Police Officers, and fallen American Heroes from the Afghan/Iraq wars. The Sportsmens Legacy focuses on providing quality outdoor experiences for children who have lost a parent due to service to our great country including hunting, hiking, fishing, and camping, creating a whole new generation of outdoor advocates. I am so excited and honored that they have snagged me up. The great outdoors and kids have been my whole life; it's a no-brainer. The outdoors has a way of connecting people with the Creator and helping one stay grounded. It can also help children learn life skills and what it means to be the custodians of Gods creations (nature). My kids have enjoyed the benefits of the outdoors and have grown to be awesome advocates and well rounded adults. My past outdoor experience is one of the attributes that allows me to be comfortable in any scenerio while I'm riding accross America; without that I could not endeavor to percervere. I can't say enough about the graces of the Sportsmens Legacy and the difference we can all make for Americas' children; it's a match made in Heaven!
I also got to meet Scott and Patric from the Outback Steakhouses in San Marcos and Austin, they stepped up with a meal and a donation to the Legacy. Hats off to you blooming outbackers; you guys are setting the mark that Wes Raye and I formulated and I seriously appreciate your gesture on behalf of our war wounded and their kids; God Bless! Outbacker Tony in Waco will be my next Aussie stop, then it on to Dallas. Happy Trails! Thanks guys!!!
Aaron Tippin has also helped me along the way by sponsering some of my journey. Aaron is one of the most amazing men I have ever met and I have grown fond of our friendship; Thanks Aaron!

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