Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Frank hit by average car today

Somewhere between Lordsburg and Deming NM today, Frank was hit by a car.

No, he was not riding his bike. Instead, he fell victim to a teenage driver backing out of the convenience store Frank was leaving. I would tell you the name of the town, but it was so small Frank wasn't sure it had one. He left his campspot east of Lordsburg, NM this morning - so guess about 40 miles further and stick a pin in the map.

The driver was a 16 year old boy who was shaking after seeing what had happened. Frank had to calm him down. Recounting his own teen years and the minefield of mistakes that get made, Frank let the young driver know that it was not the end of the 16 year olds world - it was "ok" .

The police and paramedics were called to the scene. Frank was hit by a Toyota Corolla. I told him I would say it was a Ford Superduty because the Corolla was hardly enough car to take him down. But, according to Frank, it happened very fast (i guess a Corolla could be pretty stealthy and slight). Frank never saw the car, he only felt the punch into his upper back as he was whipped around then thrown to the ground (on elbow) where he managed to roll out of the way and avoiding being run over completely. Check back - i will post a scan of the police report to verify the details.

The paramedics wanted Frank to get in the ambulance and get checked out at the clinic. Frank knew that his bike would not fit inside with him, so with the wind was howling, Frank refused their offer and chose to set up his tent instead and rest.

At about 4 pm Frank's sister Connie was on her way from Benson, AZ. Frank decided (after a few hours) that getting checked out at the hospital might not be a bad idea.

As for the trip to El Paso, it will have to wait - for at least a day. Stay tuned for an update.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Past Lordsburg to San Simon

1/2 way between Willcox, Arizona and Lordsburg, NM is San Simon.

The population of San Simon - zip code 85632 is 831 people - and covers about the same number of square miles - so you can ride a while without seeing anyone which Frank did today.

Then he rode some more and got through Lordsburg, NM and camped outside the city's eastern edge last night.

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Road To El Paso

Frank was pedaling and the wind was howling along Interstae 10 when Frank called in with his daily update. After the week delay on his trip back to El Paso, Frank was finally on his bike and on his way up 7 Mile Hill.

Yesterday, Frank made if from his interview with Tucson’s ABC Channel 9 and made it down to J-Six Road in Benson, Arizona by Sunday night where he stayed with his sister Connie.

As he was pedaling towards 7 mile hill, Frank outlined his riding plan for the day (long term planning by Frank’s standard) which included coasting down the other side of 7 mile and making it to Dragoon, Arizona and the Triangle T Guest Ranch where Frank plans on having lunch with the proprietor – Cali. After lunch it is another 30 miles to Willcox where Frank plans to camp tonight

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spider Bite Delays Ride To El Paso

Frank was slowed but not stopped completely by a non-life threatening spider bite. As he was preparing to leave, he felt something crawling on his neck, reflexes took over and he slapped hard and killed a spider. A few minutes later the bite on his neck was swelling a little bit.

Somewhat concerned I asked, “Did you save the spider?” thinking it would be evidence needed to deternime just how sick he was about to get.

“Nothing left of him” Frank replied.

Hmmm…I thought for a second, most people would want to know if a bite that close to the brain stem would turn out to be dangerous. But who am I kidding? Frank has eaten more dangerous things than this spider and he has already survived a brown recluse bite. So put a little Neosporin on it, get an anti-biotic from the clinic – and wait 48 hrs to see if you can still walk and talk. If so, you are ready to ride.

Another day in the life of Frank – and this trip has not even begun. What’s next? Tune in to find out. The trip has been delayed for one week.