Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 6 Miami To Beyond Baxter Springs

Up from Miami was fairly easy riding. I rode through Baxter and was going over a bridge when I spotted fish jumping out of the water below, it was 4:oo pm. I stopped there and decided to set up camp. Got my fishing pole out and commenced to scaring up some dinner; caught me about a 14 inch catfish and a small crappie. They were damn good eating after being cooked on an open flame.
While fishing I fell half way into the water; Kansas mud in awefully slick. The fire I built helped dry and warm me; I was good to go! I didn't put my rain fly on early and about 3:oo in the morning it rained on me. I got a little wet but got up and installed my rain fly; no worries after that.
After packing my camp I pulled into a small but great bakery and cafe; named Souper Sweet, the eggs were perfect the service was wonderful. If you're ever passing through Baxter Springs, Kansas I highly recommend stopping there
Eggs are ett, now it,s off to Joplin,MO. and beyond

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