Sunday, November 14, 2010

Austin, Fredricksburg, Uvalde, and Half way to Corpus

We call it the Texas Chalenge. After arriving & resting in San Antonio we set out to conquer Texas on our bicycles. We rode from San Antonio to Austin. We got to Austin at night and were amazed with the beauty of the Downtown sky-line of Austin. The lights of the buidings were a real treat. If you've never seen the lights of Austin you're missing out on a wonderful city view. We slept in our tent that night and slept well; we were tired! 60 miles is a long haul.
Next we pushed on to Fredricksburg thru the scenic hill country. Wow, I love the outdoors and the hill country of Texas is some of the finest in the land. We got invited to stay at the bed&breakfast in Fredrickburg by Mark Brooks, (stuntman extradinaire), thanks Mark. The riding around Fredricksburg is tough though; they don't call it the hill country for nothing. Up & down all day long for two full days was difficult but well worth it; it is beautiful, lots of deer & wild game. I've never been there so it was as much of a treat for me as it was for Sandy. Another 70 miles of kick ass Texas highways.
After leaving Fredricksburg we headed southwest to Uvalde. Uvalde is on the edge of the Big Bend area of west Texas. I had ridden through this part of Texas before and enjoyed the desert side of Texas, after all, I am a desert rat at heart and most at home there. I wanted Sandy to see as much of the Big Bend as possible. She's doing well; I am so proud of her. I know it is not easy for her but she keeps on trucking. Chaulk up 100 more miles of the Texas challenge!
Next we thought we would head down to the ocean in Corpus Christy. We got part way there when my Green Beret friend JW decided to drive to San Antonio to pilot Sandy and I the rest of the way to DC. We had to change gears and figured we would just start riding toward him and meet somewhere in the middle. Sandy and I headed northeast from San Antonio and made the Arkansas border up toward Little Rock when we realized we had a MIS-Q. It turned out JW took the southern route to Texas. JW has been wounded through 20 years of service to his country and is a little slow in his travels, but next to my son Ben, U.S. Navy, he is my greatest American hero. We were off track now and had to turn around. We rode hard back to San Antonio and caught up with JW there. It was good to see my friend again and we started to map out our journey to Washington DC.
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