Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fayetteville, NC., Home of Ft. Bragg Army Base

Hampton Inn & more good times. Angel is the Manager at this Hampton, and in a minute she had us in a room. I had stayed there in 08' with the Wounded Warrior Project group while we did the NC. Bike Challenge; I was with Diane then and a part of me missed her. It was also my brother Joey's B-Day; he passed away in Feb. of this year and it seemed I was destined to have him on my mind all day. He was one year older than me and left this world too soon. He was doing what he loved most in life so I believe that God must have really loved him; hope I get to go that way! Enough of that, it makes me want to cry!
Jw was exhausted and we could hardly get him to breath for about 36 hours. Jw has been damaged by 20 years of service to his country and has a hard time with it from time to time. He is a good man and I love him dearly; besides my son Ben, he is my greatest American Hero! I am so proud to call him Brother, let alone, friend! Sandy and I got an invite to go to church from a wonderful girl named Kimberly; we met her at the Hampton Inn. Her friend Crystal picked us up and it was off to church. I have to say, I don't believe that I have ever had a better day in church in my life; if you ain't sweating when you walk out of that church then you ain't doing it right. Those folks were so filled with the Holy Ghost that it just sort of rolled into the very depths of my soul. I left there happier than I had been in a long time; Thank you Jesus, Thank you Lord! Thank you girls; you were quite a blessing to Sandy & I!
Then we had a great meeting with the SF guys for a future fund raiser in a special place in North Carolina. The SF guys are the best this country has to offer and I wish one of them would run for President, I'd vote for them. They are the kind of guys that get shit done; they are the movers & shakers and have great integrity & grit; it was an honor to meet with them. I sure do look foward to hanging with these guys, hope they don't get me too liqured up for the ride.
Hawley's Bicycle Shop was next on the agenda. My bike was in desperate need of service and Mark really stepped up to get the job done. My chain was cracked, my gears were spent, and our lights were lost, but Mark handled it like a champ. We are always greatful when we meet folks like you all; it is you guys that amount to team averagefrank, thank you! The sign for the front of my bike was also donated by friends at Hawley's; the Riddler! Very Cool! We WILL see you guys again soon! God Is Good, Every Day! Donate something if you have a heart to!


JOHN360D said...

JW here, it has been an honor and a pleasure to have Frank call me his Brother and a Hero. I do NOT consider myself a Hero, never have and never will. Anyway I understand now why Frank feels that way and many others so that is cool I suppose. Well, Frank is an Great American and I have personally watched him give his all, sacrifice and suffer and continue on his mission. He is the real deal and has my 110% support. Ride on Average Frank and Sandy ride on I will only be a short distance away. Love you Brother and Sandy also. You all are GREAT AMERICANS. JW

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