Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wed. April 1st 2009, Still in Nashville, TN

Started the day visiting some friends at Audio Productions. Lindsay guided me in and Christian and friends welcomed me once again. I first met them with Aaron Tippin in Sept. 08. I really enjoy their company and they are such good people; they got me the Tim McGraw autographed childrens book for my last auction, very cool, thank you guys for being so good to me; it means so much!
While there ABC news came through again. Al did the interview and it went well. Bart set that up and Heather did the follow up on the story and went out of her way to foward me the links. ABC news has been johnny on the spot with getting the word out and I am greatful to them, all of them, for helping with that. Thanks ABC!
Then it was off to Bass Pro Shop in Nashville where I did a little photo opp with Galina Dearmin (apperal manager) realy nice person; fun to talk to for sure and look foward to talking with her again someday; maybe with a group of our SLF kids!
Then it was off to the UFC fights at the Sommet in downtown Nashville. I met Forrest Griffin and was able to get a photo of him and hand him some info for Joe Rogan or Dana White. It would be really neat to get them familiar with the SLF or get them to sponser me a bit; I am a huge fan. Thanks Forrest!
I also met Marty Stuawart at the waffle house. I took a picture with him and passed on a ittle info of my mission. He was eating and I didn't want to be rude while he ate but he was very gracious.

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