Sunday, November 14, 2010

Arkansas to Nashville

Well, next stop would be in Memphis. We rode our bicycles into Tennessee and stopped at Pro Bass Shop. We hope to get them to help our cause by making some donations for our ride or our auction. We talked to Scott and got the info we need to make it happen. Courtney is the gal we need to contact to make it happen. The store was very busy but Scott was gracious enough to take pictures with us and we spent some time browsing and talking to folks. We also got our pictures taken with a wonderful Santa Clause; we shared a touching story with him and were off on our merry way.
We have a lot of ground to cover still and can't wait to reach Nashville! When you are on the road the way we are it is hard to make daily posts, so sometimes we have to make several posts in one setting, according to time we can get at a business center along the way. I used to carry a laptop but Sandy accidently crashed on her bike and broke it; OOPS! Anybody out there have an extra one? Doug was supposed to get us one, but no dice yet!

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ON2U said...

Yeah, most of us have extra laptops, conman. Y'all are a JOKE!!!