Saturday, October 23, 2010

Friends, Frank, and the News

Good morning, once again I am having some trouble sleeping, oh well! The other day we met Val & JoJo. We love you gals. Thanks for dinner & all, how about those folks at the M?, at least they took care of it before Val blew a gasket, smile-lol! Friends for life!
Dinner & the ride on the Fire Engine was very cool; thanks Fire Station #7, the shirts & hat rock guys; we are honored to sport them! Seargent Vance & company hooked us up with some soldier shwag as well, oorah!
Pulled into the Clarion, thanks for the rest Rashan & Dipesh, you too gave us a place to chill out. Then KENS5 caught up with us and aired our mission for the troops. We fell asleep when it aired and Alexis, bless her heart, and Aaliyah Nicole, helped so we could see it, you all know how much I like to see myself on the TV. lol Let us not forget Calamity Jane, she was johnny on the spot too, and she was packing lead! lol
My sidekick dropped my laptop but Doug said he might be able to help with that, & some road tools; come on Doug! We are eating well though; Sandy eats like a horse; it's like she's eating for two!
Happy B-Day Roland, looks like a party is in order. Sorry to hear about your Pop; he was a cool cat.
Time is at hand to continue to push on as we look to meet up with JW. Miss my kids some, especially Tyler, Nick, & Lish; love you so much! Hope all is well with Ben & Stephen too. I'm okay guys, so don't worry too much, smile! lol here today, gone tomorrow; life is short so live & love I owe John a little $ and hope to get him some soon, thanks buddy!

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ON2U said...

Yeah, Val and Jojo are the ones who put them up at The Marriott, yet they didn't thank us. They didn't thank us for takin' 'em to eat at Mi Tierra (and by the way, Frank ordered damn near the most expensive plate); for the beer they drank at V.F.W.; nor did they thank us for the phone card and munchies we bought 'em.

I let that go UNTIL the next week when I noticed our card had been charged for $306 at The Marriott. Yeah, so THAT'S WHY Val blew a gasket.

I still gave y'all the benefit of the doubt, but it's not just us that fell for yall's crap. SLOWLY, but SURELY, y'all will go down!!!