Friday, April 16, 2010

Averagefrank & sidekick Nicholes start the biathlon.

4/14/10 Averagefrank here. Well, I started
my biathlon. We got started a little late. We
road into the night and made it to Piccacho
Peak. The night riding was beautiful and it was
nice & cool. It was an amazing change to
have Nick ride with me. Wish Tyler was
with us.
For my brother Joe, this ones for you!!!
It is an honor to get back on the bike and
ride for our troops again.
Thanks to all my friends in Tucson, for
responding to my effort. A very special
thanks to Nick for riding with me.
Thought, Mentors, Action = O

Nick's Post: Day one has been amazing. I have
never done anything like this before. It's
been just great! I am glad to be a part of
what Frank does. He's my best friend!
This has been the best experience of my
life.I want to send my love to Uncle Joe
and Kris Wolfe.
The hardest part has been
sitting in the seat and the sun.

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