Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dinner With JW & Homer

From San Antonio we loaded up our gear & bicycles on JW"s car. Since Sandy & I had already rode into Arkansas we decided to drive to where we had turned around to meet JW; like General Patton, I don't see any point in paying for the same realestate twice, so we rode with JW to meet up with his Pop, (Homer) in Little Rock. I finally got to meet Homer! Homer is, as I said, JW's dad, but he is also My long time great friend Adam's step dad. He is a WWII veteran and I've heard alot about him. It was an honor to meet him as we had dinner with him. It was good for JW & Homer to see each other; one could easily see the repect and admiration they have for one another. I wish my family had that!
Sandy & I presented him with military service pins and JW gave his Pop some B-Day presents. Good times!

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