Sunday, November 14, 2010

Texas Pride & Joe Harrison's Motor Sports

It is extremely important to note that the next leg of our journey for the troops was sponsored by Tony at Texas Pride BBQ & Hank at Joe Harrison's Motor Sports. I know both of these gentlemen well, as we have worked together in the past to benefit our war wounded. I can't say enough to praise or thank these two guys. They have been Johnny on the spot for me on many occasions. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU GUYS. See you all soon!

Sincerely, averagefrank & sidekick Sandy


Janis said...

I was contacted by an American Legion Rider asking if I knew that Average Frank is riding around on his bike passing out a flyer with Operation Comfort's logo on it? I said no and so he emailed me the flyer. It appears from the flyer that Average Frank has permission to raise funds for Operation Comfort and to use our logo. He has neither. Average Frank has his blog spot on the flyer as well as our logo which makes it appear as though we have given our approval. Our organization was never contacted asking for permission. We do not know what he is doing with donations.

ON2U said...

Sandy messaged me on Facebook about this - "We have been very busy and have not spoke to Janis. But we will.
Frank and myself have no idea how much money was raised on our last missiion. If you go to our blogg you will see that any money raised goes straight to Janis. Because of safety issues we do not take cash on the highways. Everything that is donated is sent to Operation Com. Alot of times because of lack of comm. things get just alittle distorted. Glod Bless"