Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Marriott & Bass Pro Shop

Leo O'Brian, manager at the Marriott at the Grand Ole Opry, you are an extra special man. We are so greatful to you! Leo hooked us up when we needed it most. We were fed and got well rested; thank you friend! Your phone calls up ahead of us also helped tremendously. And your staff, they too were great, especially Susan. It was an honor to hang with you all. I look foward to seeing you folks again real soon.
Then we went to Bass Pro Shop to get support for our ride & our upcoming auction. We met Scott & Shelly 1st. Scott is former Army and Shelly is a good hearted, cool chick. Scott personally hooked me up with a kick ass "real tree" shirt; I love it! Shelly is working on our little package and I can sense that she really wants to make it happen for us. I didn't get to meet Jerron but the folks who work with him say he's a good man. Devon, a sales clerk, was incredibly insightful on the pack. Money is tight but he helped me pick the very best pack for my needs, so I bought it. The next day we met Greg Cole, coolest Bass Pro manager around. He was cordial & honest, as well as generous. Thanks for your time Greg. Have Shelly call me when its time; I'm sure we'll be in touch with the great group you have there. Thank you all so much; we are sure the other stores will help out as well. It doesn't take alot to make a difference when we all give a little. One percent of Americans put it all on the line for the rest of us; that is why I do what I do. I have seen many lives made better by something as simple as a guy on a bicycle who is willing to let it all hang out for them. They understand the danger of cross country cycling and respond in the most gratifying way. I have learned the road to happiness thru love and charity from them; I am truely blessed and honored to ride for them.
Thought minus action equals zero! If folks wish to donate click the donate button on my blog, and God Bless Us All!

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