Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ending The Austin,TX. to Nashville Challenge

The first thing I want to say is, " there's no place like home". I love AZ. and my friends and family there, but I found myself yearning to get back to Texas; my new home! I missed my friends at the Hawthorn; Mike, Samantha, Brandon, Patty, Maria, Phil, and the rest; you guys rock and I have been made to feel at home here. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!
I missed my friends at Texas Pride BBQ. I missed my friends at Live Oak Fire Dept. I missed my friends at South-Paw Tattoo, and Wes at the Outback Steakhouse; I'm glad to be home.
If you have following my blog you'll know that this was a difficult ride. The weather was tough on this old bird, yet I can't wait to ride again, soon! It is what I can do; if I had my choice I would be next to my son in a fox hole in Iraq. Maybe it's my ADHD (smile)!
The road was rugged but I like to believe My work had an impact on a few Americans along the way; I noticed I'm not getting any less grey hair, what's up with that?
I got a call from Darryl Woreley this week, We met him in Nashville, it was awesome for him to call me; I believe it is good news but I can't spill the beans just yet. Darryl is one of those guys who looks you in the eye, says what he means, and means what he says; some folks appreciate that, some don't; I do! Thanks Darryl, I look foward to seeing you again real soon.
To the guys at the Sportsmens Legacy Foundation, It was my honor to put forth such an effort for your cause, our cause, our wounded, killed, and their children. What's next; I'm ready to go, yesterday!, quit fooling around! (smile)! I also got to briefly meet Forrest Griffin, UFC, at the fights in Nashville, TN.
Next Mission, Average Frank's Texas Bike Challenge. 800 miles of Texas; ready, set, go!
Billy Ray Cyrus in May, Kenny Chesney soon, and more to come. Welcome all, to the dream that is "Average Frank", it is not me, but all of us-- hence the name, "Average Frank Rides"!

I Pledge Allegiance To The Flag Of The United States Of America; To The Republic For Which It Stands, One Nation Under God; Indivisable, With Liberty And Justice For All

PWWE=Pray It--Will It--Want It--Earn It=PWWE

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Michelle said...

HI Frank, this is Michelle from KSPR in Springfield. I am waiting for your call so I can get your address...and send your DVD. Please call us in the newsroom!