Saturday, December 22, 2007

Frank’s Ride Epilouge:

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Link to Wounded Warrior Project (Kintera) donation page built for Frank click here

In Arizona donate at any Jack Furriers Tire & Auto Care

Frank’s Ride Epilouge:

Frank made it to Jacksonville and he toured the Sacrifice Center at the Wounded Warrior Project office with Dana and Catherine and the rest of their staff. They presented him with a plaque commemorating his ride. There will be a display in the center which includes the “DONATE” T-shirt – one of four in existence and the helmet (which as it turns out Frank never wore, but it was strapped to the bicycle from San Antonio to Jacksonville). Frank was whisked off to the airport where he spent a couple hours greeting soldiers returning home for the holidays.

He arrived at Tucson International Airport Thurdsday night to a hero’s welcome. Nearly twenty of Frank’s supporters were there cheering him as he exited the gate 25 security walkway. “I get the first hug” could be heard above the noise as Diane made her way for a much awaited embrace. Digital cameras were flashing. This time there was no TV coverage – the early trip back was arranged by the Furrier’s at Frank’s request two days ahead of the scheduled Saturday arrival.

After handshakes, hugs and congratulations, Frank set down an armful of flowers onto the floor. He summoned his crowd of supporters together, “everybody, everybody will you get in a circle”. Right there at the bottom of the escalator, in the midst of hurried travelers, baggage retrievers and families being reunited for Christmas and other holidays there was a silence. Frank started to pray in the midst of this crowd a prayer of thanksgiving “Dear Jesus, thank you, for all of these people who you brought into my life, thank you for brining me safely through this journey”.

As the prayer ended, the noise of footsteps and bags falling and voices returned to a normal airport roar. Franks family was beaming with pride, he did what he said he would do, and now he was home and he mentioned something about Portland...

p.s. the total fundraising for the nationwide solo cycling adventure is over $6,500. Not a bad total for a guy who was riding his daughters bike a couple of months ago.

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