Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Day 31: The Last Morning

Location: Mideast Florida, outiside Madison

This morning, Frank prepared for his last full day of riding toward Jacksonville.

The explorer [Cortez?] fully committed himself and his crew to their exploration of Mexico when he sank his own ships in the harbor. They had a single option. Frank unloaded every piece of gear possible from the bike this morning, boxed it up, and mailed it from the Post office. He took 29lbs from the bike hoping to provide his legs much needed relief and some freedom over the pedals. After his stop at the post office, he will have to ride just over 80 miles.

He did not mention it to me, but today is Frank's son's birthday - maybe just another coincidence, maybe just one more reason to get there today.

Last Night
Frank set up the tent for the final night under the stars. This time behind a veterinary clinic. The owners at the chinese buffet told frank about the place at dinner time and gave him the owners phone number to make sure it was ok to sleep there. Once again we joked "or you'll get arrested for trespassing, but at least you will get a real bed and a free meal".

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