Saturday, December 1, 2007

Days 11/12 "I am looking at a rattlesnake"

Days 11/12 Friday and Saturday 100 miles between Sanderson and Del Rio TX

Thursday night, Frank stayed in Sanderson, TX a small town at the intersection of SR 90 and 285. I missed his call on my cell phone, so I dialed him in the morning to check in.

“missed your call, what are you up to?”
“I am looking at a rattlesnake” he said.
“Is it in your bed?” I asked, wondering how much his room cost.
“No” he answered with calm voice.
“Are you at the zoo?” the next of my twenty questions.
“No, it belongs to the owner of the motel, he is showing me his collection”
Makes sense to me, a Texas motel owner with a large rattlesnake collection - no doubt another friend for life in this not so big city.

The Pictures

During the conversation, We spoke about the all the digital pictures which were unloaded in Ft. Davis. After hanging up, I hit send/receive one more time and was relieved to see "2 messages 13 megabytes" appear. A few long awaited photos came down (manna from digital heaven) today you can see the slideshow...Toby if you are reading...KEEP sending more pictures!

Frank left Sanderson, the road followed the SP Railroad tracks towards Dryden, Malvado, then Langtry which is about 3 feet from the Mexican border. There were two really big uphill stretches. One hill turned the bike ride into a bike walk. The day ended 40 miles of difficult riding. Frank was camping out and hoping the weather would hold. It has been turning cloudy and tomorrow there should be rain.

On to Del Rio

Friday morning Frank woke at 5 am and was riding 30 minutes later. He wanted to make the final 50 miles to Del Rio and the Motel 6 - before heavy rain. Fortunately, it was just a drizzle until Frank arrived at Motel 6 - his favorite motel chain in the nation (yes, their was a discount involved). Today Frank is catching up on some writing, some shopping and some rest.

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