Saturday, December 15, 2007

Day 26: White Sand

End Pensacola, FL.

Friday Update: Frank's goal was to reach Pensacola by Friday night. He made it then turned West and rode well after dark to set up his tent inside the Perdido State Park. This morning he was collecting sea shells and a bag of white sand for his daughter. The excitement of camping at the beach in Florida was tempered by the solitude of camping alone. Frank imagined what it would be like to be standing there with all his family and all the friends he has made along the way. Perhaps another trip someday, Frank is already talking about riding after this trip ends in Jacksonville.

This roller coaster ride had once again turned again to the better. Frank will be pedaling out of his beachside domicile after ABC Pensacola interviews him.

Visa update: Yesterday I spoke with Darrick from Puerto Rico and His supervisor Noel in Panama – after faxing, calling, checking in, begging, arguing, explaining – Visa still cannot resolve the card lock problem. Frank was blessed to have stuffed the last two pieces of pizza into his panier bags before riding out Friday morning. Visa (– simply said, Visa's process....worthless. In fact, I fully expect nothing to be done now until someone gets back into the office next week, if at all.

Western Union to the rescue! Don't worry, Frank won't starve!

Back Wall update
Keeping a promise to two soldiers, Frank inked two more names on his memorial back wall. He is especially grateful to Danny Boy at Studio 51 in Pensacola for his fantastic work.

KY: will name enter shortly
ID: Damon LeGrande

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