Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Day 15 Chain Reaction

Start: outside Hondo, TX End: San Antonio, TX Low temperature 29
I called early but no answer, Frank had started early towards San Antonio, He sounded cold when I finally spoke to him
"you want some ice water?" I asked.
"no....I am a little stiff, it was pretty cold last night" he coughed.
"29 degrees, outside of your tent"
"seemed like about 29 inside the tent. I've been on the phone a lot today, things are starting to happen so today's headline must be 'Chain Reaction' I have a newspaper interview and a radio interview scheduled." By later afternoon Frank was being escorted around by San Antonio by new friend Steve G, he wound up at the EconoLodge courtesy of another friend. Frank was so happy to be sleeping inside tonight "this place is incredible, the bed must be a double king, its so big I think I can set my tent up on it"
I wondered, is there really a double king?
"Send me the picture of you in the tent and make sure you are wearing the beanie"
I don't think he will need the stakes to secure it.

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