Sunday, December 2, 2007

Day 13 Drizzle in Del Rio

Sunday Morning - Del Rio
By Sunday morning, the rain was just a drizzle in Del Rio, but radar patterns showed rain towards Uvalde, TX the next stop. Frank already hit the first snow in 8 years back in El Paso, so he will try to avoid a flood out on the highway, after all Frank already mailed back his only life preserver - a used bicycle inner tube which I would call a "below average" kind of rescue device.

Lost Low Gear Found
A few days ago, Frank mentioned his brakes needing adjustment, this must have been after the huge downhill runs off the Ft. Davis Mountains. His brakes were fading and after losing the rear brakes on Day 2 - Frank needed the help of some professionals which he found at Lakeside Sports in Del Rio - and after lakeside tech "Franky" (no relation) finished the tune-up, not only did Frank have "amazing brakes", Franky also made some dérailleur adjustments and gave Frank back his lowest gear which was lost near the beginning of the trip. Like me, you were probably beginning to wonder why a guy as tough as Frank got off an walked his bike in a few places, well to all you tough guys, it all makes sense now. Of course today was the first time I heard about the lost low gear. No suprise, Frank doesn't always complain about the little things. By the way, if we have time, I will fill you in on the rest of the story about the "lost brakes".

Chinese Buffet - yougohomenow!
Frank loves Chinese food and a buffet is even better. You can imagine the suprise the folks at New China Buffet in Del Rio felt as they watched plate after plate fill and empty. Never underestimate Frank! Unlike previous trips to buffets, there was no physical altercation trying to seperate Frank from the buffet. The kind folks at New China even allowed Frank a picture inside before he left. Again the people of Texas have shown their extraordinary kindness.

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