Monday, December 3, 2007

Day 14: Bonafide Centurion

Del Rio, Tx - End: between Sabinal and Hondo, Tx (a real place)
100 miles
Frank was determined to go 100 miles today and he made it. One long day of riding, but it seemed shorter than the week he spent yesterday in Del Rio. At his makeshift camp, Frank was talking to me with one hand on his Alltel Razr (gratuitous plug) and scrambling to set up his tent with his other his free hand before it got dark. "I am getting pretty good at this" he said.
I tried to imagine the scene with piles of camp gear scattered alongside highway 90. I heard the cars and trucks roaring by, no doubt only distracted from their driving coma momentarily as they pushed along the thin stretch of Texas blacktop and then disappeared into the desert scrub horizon.

We talked about tonight's 29 degree predicted low. Fortunately, Frank kept some of his warmest clothing despite mailing back 6lbs. of gear from the post office this morning in Del Rio. I admit I was a little disappointed to hear the signature GI riding boots had been replaced by Frank's lighter weight sandals. The boots "good enuf for fightin' and good enuf for ridin" and now properly broken in during the ride from snowy El Paso were on their way home.
Another Sheriff
A sheriff interrupted our conversation at the Hwy 90 campsite. No doubt he noticed the yardsale atmosphere along the highway and faint cell phone illumination inside the tent. Frank moved the phone away but I could hear their conversation.
"Just checking in to make sure everthing was ok." [sheriff]
"I'm Frank, I stopped a few miles back and let the highway patrol and border patrol know I am out here tonight"........pause....pause......pause....."have you ever heard of the Wounded Warrior Project?"

Frank just can't help it, everyone is a potential donor. If you would like to donate - click here
if you have already donated - thank you. Remember, every dime donated will be give to WWP later this month a their Jacksonville, FL headquarters.

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