Thursday, December 6, 2007

Day 17: "This is why I am riding, its for them"

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Location: Warrior and Family Support Center at the Powless Guest House on Fort Sam Houston Frank's journey from Arizona included just one intermediate stop before Florida. He wanted to visit some of our nations wounded warriors in San Antonio, home to the world's most advanced centers for amputee and burn victim rehabilitation. The state of the art facilities have been funded entirely by donations. Visiting any of these centers seemed impossible for an "average frank" until yesterday. New friends in San Antonio (and no doubt Divine intervention) opened the doors for an official visit at 10 o'clock this morning.

Frank spoke and exchanged greetings with many recovering soldiers. David, a 20 year old Army specialist from Utah has been recovering from injuries sustained 6/12/07 in Bauqubah. David spoke mostly about his friend Damon LeGrande of Idaho who was killed by the same device that shattered and burned David's feet and legs. David heard about the memorial Frank had started on his back which included the names of several soldiers lost in recent conflicts. Frank assured David that Damon's name would be there soon as a soldier's name from each of the 50 states is added. Frank described David as a tough kid with a heart of gold. A description fitting for all the soldiers Frank met today.

It is the "mount everest" of the trip, the whole reason for my riding is to help and thank these soldiers. Frank heard the stories of men and women who risked everything for complete strangers and total freedom. It was a solemn and humbling experience to walk with soldiers who now walk, to spend a few moments, to say thank you and shake hands with our nation's favorite sons and daughters. After leaving, Frank felt redoubled in intensity. It was time to ride. Each mile from is dedicated soley to the soldiers.

note: the facility name has been corrected since the original post.

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