Saturday, December 8, 2007

Day 19: Average FAQ's


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Average Questions
People have been asking lots of questions about Frank and his cross country ride for Wounded Warrior Project. So today, I am including a few answers below to bring you up to speed.

Has Frank ever ridden this far before? No, in fact, Frank did not own a bicycle until this November and had not ridden a bicycle event before borrowing his daughter’s mountain bike to participate in Tucson's Wounded Warrior Project Motorcycle event October 2007. Click here then take a close look at the photo's background. You will probably laugh – so did most of the other riders – until he finished the event!

Why is he doing this? Frank is a passionate determined guy and since his son started serving overseas he could not think about much else besides his son. Doing this trip became Frank’s mission to bring attention and remember the sacrifices of young people like his son and many other sons and daughters who are serving.

Why ride from Arizona to Jacksonville, Florida? The headquarters of Wounded Warrior Project is in Jacksonville. Frank will present them with a check for donations pledged when he arrives.

Who is Wounded Warrior Project? Find out about their great mission helping our returning troops at

Is he traveling alone? Yes, he is traveling with just the items loaded on his bike. He has no support vehicle or riders. See ABC San Antonio news report for more details.

Where does he stay at night? When the weather co-operates he is camping out. There was some unseasonably cold weather and snow during his first week and he was taken in by a soldier from Ft. Bliss. On other nights he has found a campground, a patch of desert, or the cheapest hotel possible. Update 12/6: the past 3 nights new friends arranged for rooms, there is a rumor he might try to mail back his camp stove and sterno.

What does Frank do for a living? Up until leaving for his ride, Frank spent most of his time as a wrestling coach/substitute teacher. I hope Frank's future includes and opportunity to continue his passion to benefit our wounded soldiers.

What shoe size does Frank wear? (just kidding nobody asked me this) He wears a size six shoe. Since it snowed in El Paso (first time in 8 years), a soldier named Brandon from Ft.Bliss bought him a pair of combat boots to keep his feet warm. Up to that point Frank wore his comfortable sandals. Update 12/5: after 425 miles the boots came off in Del Rio,Tx - it is now warm enough. The boots made it over the Davis Mountains. No small feat for such small feet.(boots worn were actually size 7 - no size six available - no problem).

How can you help? Remember someone who is serving you today needs to know you support them. Don't forget them. If you can, donate something to Wounded Warrior Project –online click here , In Arizona donate at any Jack Furriers Tire & Auto Care

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