Thursday, December 13, 2007

Day 24: Moving towards Florida

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After the visit
I caught up to Frank this afternoon on his way toward Mobile, AL. He was feeling energized having seen his son who returned from Iraq just two days ago. The father and son spend just a few hours together before Frank continued on his journey. Frank was filled with gratitude for His son's service and safe return and again for all the soldiers he met just a week ago at the Warrior and Family Support Center at the Powless Guest House on Fort Sam Houston

Frank said “besides the day he was born, this was probably one of the finest days of my life, it was all the medicine I needed”

This was definitely the best part of his trip through Louisiana, and by tomorrow, Frank will have crossed into the pan handle of Florida, his seventh and final state of this nationwide odyssey. Frank is looking forward to riding alongside the Gulf, seeing, smelling and feeling the ocean before heading inland across the state toward Jacksonville.

The Back Wall
Last night Frank finished the seventh name of fifty that will be inked in forever on his back as a memorial to soldiers lost in recent years. Seven soldiers from seven states so far.

AZ: S Huff TX: M C Taylor NM: T L Gray LA: M A Kain
MS: J C Burge AL: J Foshee FL: T Padgett

p.s. if the artist who finished this last night has a photo - please email to

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