Sunday, December 16, 2007

Day 27 – Survive and Advance

Pensacola, FL.

Since leaving Frank has encountered the best and worst mother nature has to offer including, snowy mountain roads, icy bridges, swamp fog and today you can add a tornado warning to the list. Frank packed up camp beach and began to ride as clouds thickened and breezes rolled up. The ABC news reported scheduled to interview Frank called, he had just been diverted to cover a tornado in the area.

Disappointed about the lost time and the 20 – 30 miles of progress missed, Frank continued to test the weather. A few miles later frank hit “a wall of rain” making even his rain gear useless. Discouraged, Frank turned back for shelter in Pensacola. After seeing the weather channel, he realized he was through for the day.

To read the Pensacola News Journal account of the day's weather go to "Severe Winds".

Sunday in the Sunshine State

Today it is cloudy and colder with NW winds reported at 17mph. Bad news because Frank mailed back most of his cold weather once he passed through Louisiana. After a quick stop into a church to say a prayer for safety, he stopped at BigLots and picked up a thin windbreaker and beanie. Frank hit the road again today to make up lost time.

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