Monday, December 10, 2007

Day 21.5: Frank Calls In

Monday night
6 miles east of Eunice, LA near Hwy 190
Elevation 59 feet.
Next big city: Opelusas

Catching up from yesterday’s blog
You remember Frank started his trip into Louisiana by dancing across the state line, left foot Texas, right foot Lousiana, left, right, left, right, then he rode a little deeper into the swamp where he set camp under cloudy skies. Frank survived the first night and the only wild animal encounter was a frog that wound up in his tent. “it was kind of lonely out there, so I didn’t mind the company, I'll send you the picture”

Frank is camping out under the fog again tonight. His first choice was an RV park, but it seems the manager would not lower his standards and allow a tent camper into the RV’s – so he turned Frank out after 80+ miles of riding. Frank was pretty tired and disappointed. It was good news when Dwayne from Bargain Basement Bikes called to make a connection for Frank tomorrow with a cousin who would be meeting Frank somewhere near the Mississippi river.

One encouraging story
While Frank was stopped today, he met a father and daughter. Naturally they knew all about Frank’s journey after just a few minutes. As it turns out, the Father had just lost his job. Convinced by the cause, he pulled $8 from his pocket and handed it to Frank. “it’s not much, but I hope it helps”.

They are good people and they are from Louisiana.

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