Thursday, November 29, 2007

Day 10: Ugly Cows

Start: outside of Marathon End: Sanderson, TX (aprox 85 miles)

Today was relatively uneventful (see Days 2/4/5/8/9). A gradual 25 mile climb up to the Junipers and Cedars, Frank thought is was around 5,000 ft. where he stopped to look at what he thought were some big ugly cows. Upon closer inspection it was a small herd of Buffalo, Texas sized Buffalo, grazing in the highland. Frank called to tell me about his discovery, I told Frank he should be careful, they might be tired of eating grass.

The rest of the ride was downhill to Sanderson. On the way Frank met 3 cyclist who were coming from Jacksonville Florida (Frank's final destination). They were taking the same route as Frank. Seeing them only made it more real, that sometime in the upcoming weeks Frank would be in Jacksonville - home of the Wounded Warrior Project. The three friends told him their was a single uphill stretch which Frank was about to run into before Del Rio, Tx - then it was a pretty flat ride to Jacksonville - which sounded great to Frank, who mentioned there was a hill coming up that they were going to enjoy (see Day 8).

I is about 120 miles to Del Rio.

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