Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mustang Bob and 150 miles on horseback

In one word, ouch! I had to take one for the team on this one. I rode buck, my noble steed, for eight days in a row; which is proof that I have absolutely no good sense.

before I say too much more about the ride I must first thank my good friend Bob Green and his family. Britney you are the bomb on that horse and really helped me more than you know. I love watching you ride cause your so graceful, I think you taught me alot about how to ride and how to enjoy it, thanks buddy! Tina & Larry, Robert pulled support for the ride, thanks guys! Bob you take the cake! I hope you enjoy the gift; it meant a lot to give it to you. You were always johnny on the spot for me and it wouldn't have happened without you; I'll be more careful for what I wish for next time(smile).

We started on the 29th of Jan. 2009. The 1st thing I learned is to never ever drink 4 or 5 cups of coffee before you ride where you can't just jump off and go pee. There were about 300 riders and I held it til I couldn't any more, then I found a fense and an open field to go in; big mistake but I learned quickly. When I got back on the horse he tried to buck me off, I stayed on him but I pulled a muscle in my inner thigh; that happened in the first half hour. I knew it was gonna be a long 8 days. The second and third day I suffered; I was so sore. At the end of the 3rd day I was wondering if I could actually finish the 150 miles. If I had been riding for me I would have given up; maybe! Once again I was riding in my sons name for our troops so I couldn't give up, I had to finish! The 4th and 5th day I grunted it out but I noticed I was becoming a much better rider and the soreness was going away. The 6th,7th, and 8th day I felt really good and I was riding like a champ; it still looked much easier on Lonesome Dove(the movie). Now that I'm all healed up I realize how cool it actually was; cause I'm a real cowboy(not). I'm hoping to post some video soon.

I think I should say a little about some of the folks I was honored to meet. Johnny

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Mustang Bob said...

Good riding "Average Frank" and Mustang Buck said he missed you - getting up at 4am then riding all day then getting ready to get up at 4am again for the next day but he said it was worth it to bring more awarness to the wounded warriors. Mustang Buck and Mustang Bob say, "GOOD LUCK" and PLEASE DONATE to the WOUNDED WARRIORS.

Muatang Bob