Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Darius Rucker & Wounded Warriors !/18/09

I was able to set up a meet and greet with another group of warriors through Charlie V., really good guy in Nashville, before the Billy Ray Cyrus meet and greet. Diane and I had already met Darius at Cowboy Dance Hall in San Antonio and really enjoyed the show; Darius puts on one hell of a show. If you ever get a chance to go see Darius live, you should do it! Marcus, Jonathon, Jimmy, Betty, Ray, and Tim got into the show but only a few got to meet Darius. Someone dropped the ball on that one and our wounded missed most of the rodeo because their packets were messed up, we were trying to stop our vehicles from being towed. Eventually Duane from the Star experience got it right; thanks Duane! Some of our wounded warriors got frustrated and walked away and went back to the hospital; I am so sorry you guys didn't get to go. Perhaps it was just a mix up!
At the end of the evening we still made it a good time and look foward to our next get together.
John, We saw you go from hardly saying two words when we 1st met to smiling, laughing, and hugging in a matter of an hour or two. You above the rest warmed my heart because you came along way. You still have some way to go but I want you to know that your Mom, your friends, and I are behind you 100 %. Thanks for going with us; it meant alot to me.

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