Sunday, February 22, 2009

Guests of Honor Alamo Banquet

This posting is dedicated to our five special guests. You guys are the pride and joy of our great country and complete me as an American. You are also my friends! You have never treated me as an outsider or made me feel that I am not a small part of who you are; I am so proud of you and hope I have served you well, you inspire me to stay the course and I am honored; absolutely honored! Thanks for what you have sacrificed for me; I take it very personal; I wish the rest of America could know you like I do and be as greatful. Words are not enough for me, so the open road calls. do I have another 5000 miles left in me?, I certainly hope so!
Josh Stein: wounded on easter, gave his legs(didn't lose them, there is a difference) my brother from another mother. Rarely do you find such an inspiring young man who has faced such adversity. He has three wonderful daughters and great women to stand by him; I too stand by him. We hit it off instantly and we say bros for life! Thank you!
Leroy Petry: U.S. Army, my mechanical arm buddy and John Rich's source of joy(I'm sure, but you had to be there) Hanging with you and Landon has brought great joy to Diane & I. It may seem that we met by coincidence, I don't believe that! The 1st time we met I was able to do you a favor but don't thank me, thank Tracy Lawrence; he got us together. I respect you with all that I am and ride to hell and back for you. More great memories are ahead of us, if I can just calm down(smile).

Tyler Harell: U. S. Army, where Leroy goes, Tyler goes, and where Average Frank goes, you go! I have had so much fun with you on a few occassions; I wouldn't trade those times for anything. Those times will be with me til I go to my grave. Thanks for just being you, you make me happy and proud to know you.
Matt Sondermann: U.S. Marine Corps, Matt, you are like my 4th son, the one I didn't know until recently. You and your folks have treated me like family from day one. Do you have any idea how much that means to me? Knowing you brings tears to my eyes; they are tears of profound pride and gratitude. I am so inspired by you! I was so happy that I could help make Valentines day good for you and your girl; you guys are keepers! I should want to know you all the days of my life. I am compelled to thank your Mom & Dad for the gift of you in my life; you guys validate all the tough days I,ve had on my bicycle: I'm ready to ride again, thank you!
John Wayne: U. S. Army (retired), I met JW in Virginia, I was lost in the Dismal swamp when I first talked to you. We met the next day, from that day on you will remain one of my life's best friends. I love you man! You have given so many years of your life to God, Country, and Family and it hurts me how some people treat you. I am your civilian voice and I am ready, willing, and able to step on some toes for you; I don't care who I may offend in your cause; you know the drill cause it is you who has taught me the meaning of PATRIOTISM. There is nothing I wouldn't do for you; you call it!!!!!!!!!!! I profess my deep pride in you as well as my intense gratitude to you. My friends and I flew him from VA. to be a guest of honor in Dec. in San Antonio and I was excited to have you there.
All you guys go to foreign lands to defend or preserve freedom world wide; I take my freedom very seriously and go to great lengths to say,"THANK YOU"!

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