Saturday, February 21, 2009

Alamo Banquet Dec.7th, 2008

Well on Dec. 7th Pearl Harbor Day and Fred's B-day we held our second ever dinner/auction benefit for our woundeded warriors. We promised the proceeds to Judith at the Warrior and Family Support Center at the Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio and we delivered. Judith said there were no small fish and made us feel good about our effort. The benefit fundraiser was held at the world famous Texas Pride BBQ in Adkins,TX. Tony and the staff really stepped up for this one. He is an awesome host and a good friend; I sure do admire and respect the folks at Texas Pride.
Once again my friends in the country music world hooked me up with a host of cool autographed memorabilia.Hats off to Charlie Daniels, Aaron Tippin, Tracy Lawrence, Dwight Yoakom, Toby Keith, Tim McGraw, Jake Owen, and Moe Bandy. You guys rock and we couldn't make it happen without you, thanks! Thanks also to my friends at Audio Productions in Nashville, TN.
These benefits are an attempt to build another go frank bridge accross America on behalf of our woundeded, killed in action, and their families; similar to the bridge I've tried to build with a multi thousand mile bike ride (which will resume very soon) into the heart of our great people. It is hard to start from scratch in each city and sort of takes a can do attitude when you know so few people, but I am making new friends and stepping on some toes along the way. I'm intense, I get it, I just want to get the job done; what ever it takes! The go frank team helps me get it done as there is no way I can do it by myself. Average frank is an idea not a person. I'm proud that the go frank team lives by one good rule: thought minus action equals zero; thanks team! We are the civilian can- doers for our troops. I feel like a pebble cast into the pond, its' ripple reaches all shores, yet it was not my idea to cast the pebble; I just happen to be paying attention for once(smile)! We are all blessed to share our beliefs. It is a mission of gratitude and hope.
Thank you to Fredd Bergman for all his kind words(not) and stern wisdom in helping me along. Thanks for my web site. He's a good man and I've grown fond of our friendship; but he is hard on me sometimes, but out of love and for good, always!
Thanks to Butch and Chris Bryson(and Tina). I donated my bike to an auction for Operation Iraqi Comfort in Sept. at an Aaron Tippin show when I was on the road with Aaron. I had about 5000 miles on that hog, anyway, Tony from Texas Pride bought it that evening and kept it. Then Tony donated it to our Dec. 7th auction, where Butch & Chris bought it so that I could have my treasured bike back as a wonderful gesture of their gratitude for my work, I suppose. That was very generous and it warmed my heart. It seemed it was my bike again and immediately asked if I could re-donate it on the spot; so I did! The bike never really was mine to begin with; it was our wounded warriors, I was just the rider, riding for those that cannot just yet, (it was Sean Furriers bike too). Then Tony bought it again and vowed to keep recycling the bike; we are gonna offer it at every auction we do from now on so that it sort of takes on a life of it's own, aint that the coolest? It might be the most expensive bike in America someday; Tony says he's gonna keep buying it.

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