Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Day 9: Texas Hospitality - possible Jail Time?

Start: Outside Ft. Davis, TX End: between Alpine and Marathon, Tx
4,900 ft. elevation Sunny 68 degrees

Tired from yesterday's ride, Frank started a little slower this morning. He rode down TX118 and ate lunch in Ft. Davis at the Old Texas Inn.

"Do you guy's know about the Wounded Warrior Project?" Frank's standard introduction. He met Toby, the proprietor and besides providing great food - Toby became the local computer expert. Earlier Frank left the digital camera at the library with a note, hoping to get the pictures emailed home. However, Toby offered his help and before Frank left for Alpine, TX - the pictures were unloaded. I have high hopes that you will see some of them soon.

Another 25 miles downhill in Alpine, Frank called me to revise today's destination to Marathon. Seems he found a few 40 mph (estimate) downhill runs. As it turned out Frank called in at 6:15pm with the phone in one ear and a Texas Ranger in the other, as well as border patrol agent. "Sit by your phone, I'll be calling you back" he said. I told him it might be warmer to spent the night in jail. He laughed and hung up the phone.

A few minutes later Frank called to tell me that he was going to be camping on private property tonight, and that if he had any trouble, all he had to do was call the officer on his phone. Go figure, another new best friend.

Since the ride began, Frank has not been able to check email or this blog. Toby printed it all today and gave it to Frank. No doubt Frank will be turning on his penlight tonight.

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