Monday, November 26, 2007

Day 7: Quick, where is Kent, TX?

Start: Van Horn, TX End: somewhere between Kent and McDonald Observatory

Sometime after lunch today Frank made it to kent, tx (not to be confused with uppercase KENT, TX). Kent has a mercantile store and an intersection. No fruit in the store, but there was a microwave and a frozen green chili burrito which made a great lunch before heading down HWY118 which eventually crosses the mountains at the McDonald Observatory and then winds down to Del Rio which Frank hopes to reach by tomorrow. At about 5:00pm today, Frank was digging in (literally) and making camp for the night – he had just finished about 2 hours of biking and guessed that he covered just 12 miles. He is going to rest here before taking on the steepest part of the ride to the observatory summit tomorrow.

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