Friday, November 23, 2007

Day 3 Thanksgiving in Las Cruces, NM

Start: Las Cruces. End Las Cruces, NM. The day began an ended in Las Cruces. The weather has changed for the worse and Frank added more layers and tried to ride out. The wind and cold was cutting through his gear (see the icy blue color of the map above El Paso TX, so he turned back to find some more layers of protection from the dropping temperatures and wind. Snow is predicted in the area by Friday. After a couple of stops at Wal Mart, Frank wound up at the Village Inn. After a great Thanksgiving meal, the manager, now aware of Frank's mission, offered his thanks for Frank's ride - as an Army vet - he was most willing to help out in this good cause. On the plus side, Frank found out that his tent was fantasti - as long as it does not get too windy, it will be perfect.

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