Monday, April 14, 2008

The Road To El Paso

Frank was pedaling and the wind was howling along Interstae 10 when Frank called in with his daily update. After the week delay on his trip back to El Paso, Frank was finally on his bike and on his way up 7 Mile Hill.

Yesterday, Frank made if from his interview with Tucson’s ABC Channel 9 and made it down to J-Six Road in Benson, Arizona by Sunday night where he stayed with his sister Connie.

As he was pedaling towards 7 mile hill, Frank outlined his riding plan for the day (long term planning by Frank’s standard) which included coasting down the other side of 7 mile and making it to Dragoon, Arizona and the Triangle T Guest Ranch where Frank plans on having lunch with the proprietor – Cali. After lunch it is another 30 miles to Willcox where Frank plans to camp tonight

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