Monday, October 22, 2007

About Frank

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Hello - my name is Frank Capanear - "Average Frank" to you.

I desperately want to make a difference, so I decided to ride.

I am not a rider, in fact, I only recently figured out that riding could make a difference. I entered a bike event for Wounded Warriors Project to support my son serving in Iraq.

I showed up October 5, a Saturday morning with $250 and high hopes to ride along with others who like me had raised support to help a good cause. I never really thought about my bike, it wasnt' really mine anyway - I borrowed it for the day from my daughter - it's probably a lot like the one your wife or sister rides - that one that sits in the carport or garage most of the year - only today I rode that two wheeler with 900 other bikes - shiny harley davidsons and other gleaming chrome laden street queens - I had no idea I would be the only bicycle in a 900 bike event.

I am a pretty durable guy (former wrestler and coach) and I have pretty thick skin (yes, there were a few people who laughed when I parked the bike near the motorcycles). I pedaled that bike until my legs were on fire and my butt felt the same way, I was really hurting. I kept on and finished the 45 miles. I just wanted to finish the event. I was stopped outside the gate at the final check point. After being allowed to pass (I figured they thought I was crazy when I told them I had ridden in the event) I wound around to the finish and to street lined with cheering bikers - that was the day "average frank" showed up.

Since then I have ridden in other bike events - on bicycle with "real bikers" and the reaction is universal - disbelief and laughter - followed by great support when they realize I am riding for my for my son, and possibly your son or daughter.

Today, I am planning to ride across the country on a basic bike like the one you have sitting in the garage. I won't be staying in hotels or getting any special treatment, I am going to do it the way most "average frank's" would do it - nothing fancy.

I hope to raise some money for Wounded Warrior Project and to let my son and your son or daughter know that the average guy does care a whole lot about them